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Rodney C. Haron

When negligent behavior causes an injury to you or a loved one, or results in damage to your property, turn to Rodney C. Haron Attorney At Law for effective legal representation of your personal injury case. Attorney Haron brings strength, tenacity, and extensive knowledge of the law to every case so that our firm can bring our clients the greatest return possible for the pain, injuries, and damage they have suffered.

If you have been injured by an accident, do not hesitate. The longer you wait to take up your case, the more difficult the situation could be. Call (559) 441-1421 now to speak with a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney.

Tell Attorney Haron about the facts of your personal injury case. He will listen closely to your story and put you in the best position to be successful in defending your rights and your interests.

Rodney C. Haron Attorney At Law is prepared to guide you through every aspect of your personal injury case. Our personal injury lawyer combines an exhaustive knowledge of personal injury law with a strong commitment to helping victims get what they are owed. With our legal team taking up your case, you’ll have a skilled ally at hand to fairly represent your case and ensure that you are taking proper steps toward winning the judgement you deserve.