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Mobile: +1 (479) 695-2444
Office: +1 (479) 695-2444

Tim provides comprehensive legal advice and representation to clients facing a wide variety of legal challenges and opportunities. He has handled all types of criminal cases ranging from murder to speeding tickets. He provides legal counsel in all forms of family and domestic issues as well as [...]

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Mobile: +1 (479) 335-1355
Office: +1 (479) 335-1355

Sean T. Keith for more than twenty-five years, has represented people injured as a result of the negligence of others. His practice began with car wrecks and has grown to include tractor trailer crashes, nursing home abuse and products liability cases against car manufacturers and [...]

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Mobile: +1 (479) 782-0361
Office: +1 (479) 782-0361

Mr. Carson's practice includes personal injury, insurance, commercial, oil and gas, worker's compensation defense, and employment litigation. He also handles commercial transactions. He has represented parties in federal and state courts, workers' compensation and EEOC proceedings, and [...]

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