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Office: +1 (615) 867-0088

With more than 25 years of experience, Attorney Robert Gritton has successfully handled hundreds of personal injury and accident cases throughout his career. With a reputation as an aggressive, relentless advocate for his clients, Rob knows what it takes to bring lawsuits against insurance [...]

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Office: +1 (615) 620-5833

At the Law Office of Michael K. Smith, we assert and protect the legal rights of our clients after accidents caused by others. Legal issues can cause great emotional and financial strain, and Attorney Michael Smith can guide you through and help you accomplish the legal results you [...]

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Office: +1 (865) 966-4343

Farrell A. Levy has been practicing law for more than thirty years. He received his law degree from the University of Tennessee where he was a member of the Tennessee Law Review. Farrell graduated with honors from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Marketing and was chosen as the most [...]

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